Campaign: Let’s stop ESCADA’s fur trade


After ESCADA was a target of international protests of animal rights activists from 2007-2010, the luxury fashion company declared to go furfree, but in 2017 ESCADA started to sell real fur again. They offered clothes with fur of foxes and rabbits and other animals again in their shops and online. As ESCADA ist ignoring every attempt to talk about their new fur policy Animal rights organisations started protests and days of action with dozens of actions in winter 2017/18 and three action weekends with dozens of protests in serveral different cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna, Rome and Milano. The Offensive gegen die Pelzindustrie is now calling for Days of Action on 22nd and 23rd of february.   Every year the fur industry kills more than 50 million animals all over the world. Most of them are held captive for months in cages in so called fur farms. In late autumn they are killed through neck-braking, genital electrocution or gas. Minks, foxes, chinchillas, martens, racoons, rabbits, lambs and other animals are the victims of the bloody fur trade. Being back with selling real fur, Escada is one of the few companies in todays shopping streets that still make profit with the fur of animals.  That´s why we ask everybody to participate in the protests against Escada´s furtrade again to demand the returning to an indefinite furfree policy to the full extent.



We stopped ESCADA before. Now it is time again to let them know, that selling fur always leads to protests infront of the shops, in social media and to other actions. Please, go out and organise protests against ESCADA selling fur again! You can find your closest opportunity to protest here: https://www.escada.us/find-your-store Comment them on social media and get in touch with us and inform us about your actions. Our resistance needs to be as international as the animal exploitation industries!

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For further information and if you are about informing us about your actions please contact: info@offensive-gegen-die-pelzindustrie.net More information on the Offensive gegen die Pelzindustrie: https://offensive-gegen-die-pelzindustrie.net/wordpress/english/